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Oli Boreham

An extremely gifted player with a "svengali" like influence on the field. Has been known to pull off extra ordinary feats behind the stumps and occasionally dazzles with the ball. An extremely valuable asset for the team he never fails to contribute to the game whether with the ball, the bat, or simply some good looks. After a great season in 2004 with 4 half centuries and one ton, he can now be considered as one of the finest batsman Knockers have ever seen. Away from the game, he is talented in many other areas.A scratch golfer, Fluent in french, spanish and the language of love, Oliver has many facets to his exciting and fulfilling life that touches many people in different ways. Most of the time he is simply refered to by the team as; the hero. How lucky we are to have him!


Some facts

Date of Birth - 16/12/79

Club Debut - 1996

Marital Status - Single

Occupation - Aviation Broker

Favourite Drink - Ginger beer

Favourite Food - Thai curry

Type of Music listened to - anything but Seldon

Hero/Heroine - Seldon

Pet Hates - Jariwalla's bowling

Favourite Place - In front of Sky TV with beer.

Most Hated Place - The North

Newspaper Read - any

Most Drunk Occasion - many

Favourite Knockers Player - Scott Landers

Describe Yourself in Five words - Handsome, Clever, Gifted, Inspirational, Heroic


Current Season




Matches: 5

Overs: 1

Innings: 5

Maidens: 0

Runs: 99

Runs: 10

High score: 35

Wickets: 0

100s: 0

Best: 0-0

Average: 19.8

Average: N/A

Overall Record

1996 - 2021



Matches: 100

Overs: 41

Innings: 97

Maidens: 5

Runs: 1784

Runs: 218

High score: 109

Wickets: 7

100s: 1

Best: 2-50

Average: 20.99

Average: 31.14

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