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Peter Smith

President & Treasurer

Peter has been playing for Knockers for many a year now. Having reached the heights of the century once for the club he is tending to leave that for the younger members these days. His shovel shot not quite having the accuracy it used to. In the field he is still the panther he used to be and puts many of the younger members to shame - as long as its not by his toes. His bowling has had a few victims over the years as Peter himself will be able to tell you since he has his own record of every match he has ever played in.


Some facts

Date of Birth - 20th February 1947

Club Debut - Quite a while ago

Marital Status - Single

Occupation - Chartered Accountant

Favourite Drink - Any real beer

Favourite Food - Seafood

Type of Music listened to -

Hero/Heroine -

Pet Hates -

Favourite Place -

Most Hated Place -

Newspaper Read - Financial Times

Most Drunk Occasion - Lyme Regis Sailing Club Regatta

Favourite Knockers Player - Mike Woodman

Describe Yourself in Five words -


Current Season




Matches: 0

Overs: 0

Innings: 0

Maidens: 0

Runs: 0

Runs: 0

High score: 0

Wickets: 0

100s: 0

Best: 0-0

Average: 0

Average: N/A

Overall Record

1964 - 2021



Matches: 309

Overs: 53.9

Innings: 258

Maidens: 3

Runs: 4432

Runs: 485

High score: 102

Wickets: 35

100s: 1

Best: 4-10

Average: 20.91

Average: 13.86

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