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Ted Marsh

Team Secretary & Vice Captain

Former translator to the Swedish Royal family until he led a failed coup after being locked in their sauna for three weeks. No-one cared enough to depose them and they were just disappointed that he hadn't fixed it as he had been employed as a handyman. Decided to give up his mastery of language to become an all-round legend for Knockers.


Some facts

Date of Birth -

Club Debut - Tri North 2011

Marital Status -

Occupation - Professor

Favourite Drink - Port

Favourite Food - Beans on toast

Type of Music listened to - Gabba techno

Hero/Heroine - Stephen Hawkin

Pet Hates - Traveling the world when I could be playing cricket.

Favourite Place - Bognor Regis

Most Hated Place - Near Guido's kitbag

Newspaper Read - One takes the Times

Most Drunk Occasion - After gaining membership of the RA.

Favourite Knockers Player - Ollie of course

Describe Yourself in Five words - Should have done this myself


Current Season




Matches: 10

Overs: 45.5

Innings: 8

Maidens: 5

Runs: 261

Runs: 198

High score: 97

Wickets: 8

100s: 0

Best: 3-22

Average: 43.5

Average: 24.75

Overall Record

2011 - 2021



Matches: 65

Overs: 287.4

Innings: 54

Maidens: 36

Runs: 1532

Runs: 1193

High score: 97

Wickets: 57

100s: 0

Best: 3-22

Average: 34.82

Average: 20.93

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