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Rory Goodson

Tour Secretary

A ghastly injury on a freezer in Bejam's as a child led to Rory losing what would become his bowling fingers. Luckily a quick-thinking employee stashed them in a frozen fish finger box to have them sewn back on. Unluckily, the surgeon was dragged out of the pub only to attach two fish fingers by mistake. An inordinate amount of cats attend Knockers matches when he plays.


Some facts

Date of Birth -

Club Debut - St Lawrence 2013

Marital Status -

Occupation - Spy

Favourite Drink - Wherry

Favourite Food - Jellied Eels

Type of Music listened to - Blue Grass

Hero/Heroine - Barry Sheene

Pet Hates - Velcro

Favourite Place - Fur and Feathers

Most Hated Place - Mid off at Bradfield

Newspaper Read - CAMRA news

Most Drunk Occasion - Just before bowling

Favourite Knockers Player - Fredmungus

Describe Yourself in Five words - I am not this man


Current Season




Matches: 5

Overs: 15

Innings: 3

Maidens: 1

Runs: 8

Runs: 112

High score: 5

Wickets: 8

100s: 0

Best: 3-9

Average: 8

Average: 14

Overall Record

2013 - 2021



Matches: 40

Overs: 184.5

Innings: 15

Maidens: 11

Runs: 30

Runs: 873

High score: 7

Wickets: 43

100s: 0

Best: 5-30

Average: 3.75

Average: 20.3

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