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Gerald McBrearty


Gez's hatred of small islands knows no bounds. His current project is ten years in the making as he cycles down to Portsmouth every winter weekend with two panniers' worth of soil to drop off from his garden in an attempt to reconnect the Isle of Wight to the mainland. He has converted the hole left behind to an underground cricket centre where he practices his unique cross handed batting grip hoping one day to prove it is the future of cricket.


Some facts

Date of Birth -

Club Debut - 2015 vs Buccaneers

Marital Status -

Occupation - Banjo king

Favourite Drink - Larkins

Favourite Food - Flapjacks

Type of Music listened to - Goulash

Hero/Heroine - Plato

Pet Hates - Small islands

Favourite Place - In the saddle

Most Hated Place -

Newspaper Read -

Most Drunk Occasion - Just after lunch

Favourite Knockers Player - Lynden

Describe Yourself in Five words - My time will come. Possibly.


Current Season




Matches: 1

Overs: 2

Innings: 1

Maidens: 0

Runs: 0

Runs: 13

High score: 0

Wickets: 0

100s: 0

Best: 0-0

Average: 0

Average: N/A

Overall Record

2015 - 2021



Matches: 21

Overs: 28.4

Innings: 11

Maidens: 0

Runs: 10

Runs: 220

High score: 4

Wickets: 3

100s: 0

Best: 1-15

Average: 1.11

Average: 73.33

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