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Akhil Anand

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Akhil is a skilled seaman and is often found navigating the globe in one-man boats using only the stars as a guide. The loneliness has sent him a tad mad though and it can see him missing huge swathes of us fielding while he sings sea shanties to the various invertebrates he's befriended during play.


Some facts

Date of Birth -

Club Debut - Northdowns 2018

Marital Status - Patient

Occupation - Postman

Favourite Drink - Turbo Shandy

Favourite Food - Turnip surprise

Type of Music listened to - Venetian Snares

Hero/Heroine - Stacy Dooley

Pet Hates - Sash Windows

Favourite Place - Opening the bowling

Most Hated Place - Shoe shops

Newspaper Read - Tinder

Most Drunk Occasion - Before sunset

Favourite Knockers Player - Freddie

Describe Yourself in Five words - Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Chameleon.


Current Season




Matches: 7

Overs: 29

Innings: 4

Maidens: 0

Runs: 39

Runs: 172

High score: 19

Wickets: 3

100s: 0

Best: 2-33

Average: 13

Average: 57.33

Overall Record

2018 - 2021



Matches: 23

Overs: 115

Innings: 15

Maidens: 14

Runs: 204

Runs: 520

High score: 73

Wickets: 18

100s: 0

Best: 3-6

Average: 18.55

Average: 28.89

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